How to import UV's into SketchUp

Hi! I am a student SketchUp creator. I am using SketchUp Make 2017 on a macOS. I use blender to uv map because it’s free, and I can’t find any other free UV mapping software for mac. There is a plugin called Wrap-R but it is for Windows only. In blender, I don’t want to export the model with the uv’s. Just the UV’s. Blender has an option to export “UV layout.” It exports that but how do I import a UV layout into SketchUp? Thanks in advance!

UV layout map exported from Blender is a PNG file, which you can insert in SketchUp (like a texture), but it is necessary to apply this texture on the unwrapped model

  • if you apply it to the skp model

  • applied on the imported unwrapped model

Thank you so much! I will have to try it. I’m going to do it right now. Thanks!

How do I unwrap my model? I am trying to UV map road.

A lots of tutorials about UV unwrapping on Youtube -

Thank you for all the advice! It really helped. It is easier than I thought! Thanks!