Take UV Map image of an model and "wrap" it around the model

So, as you know, I export game assets and import them to other games. I used a tool to export the game’s models. The problem is that it exports the models as .blend files meaning I have to open it in blender. I opened the model of one of the maps of this game from blender, exported a UV map (all textures for all faces on one flat image) of the model and exported the model as a COLLADA (.dae) model. Now when I import the model into SketchUp, there are no textures. The UV map has the all the textures and now I need to find a way to “wrap” this texture around this model. The model also has an interior! I have tried SketchUV extension and that didn’t work. UV Toolkit2 extension doesn’t have the feature I’m looking for. Also, other extensions allow you to unwrap and flatten your model but you cant “rewrap” it (extensions like: http://www.pumpkinpirate.info/flattery/ and SketchUp Plugins and Blog: Plugin: Unfold Tool) Any other extensions I couldn’t find.
Here is the model:
pipeline.skp (1.8 MB)
Here is the UV map:

Maybe this plugin helps?

I will try that.

That is crazy! How am I supposed to put seams over this model of this size with this many faces? Heck, triangulating the entire model took 10 minutes! There is no “Import UV map” feature. I did export the UV map through the extension and it’s all crappy, there aren’t even no outlines to put textures on. I can map the textures manually, but again marking the seams and applying textures on this model would take centuries. Any other ideas?

Can’t you just include UV Textures and Materials when you export COLLADA from Blender?

Also your model/meshes seem to have Z-fighting problem (multiple faces on the same place).

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That’s because there is a collision mesh which has the exact same shape as the original model. I removed the mesh and now it isn’t Z fighting.
Thank you! That worked! Now I need to find out why the textures are so bluury and some are pinkish.

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