Sketchup UV unwrapping workflow

So, I want to create both high poly and low poly models in sketchup (for games). And after a lot of searching around, the best and cheapest solution I’ve come up with is using the SketchUV plugin to export obj, uv-unwrap it in Blender, and then into Substance painter for texturing (this later step could of course be done in Blender as well)

The advantage with usin the SketchUV plugin export to object, is that after you have uv unwrapped it you can import the editet obj file back into the sketchup scene again with one click. And then import the sketchup scene directly in Unity. And its only the UV mapping that is imported, so you’ll avoid any mesh problems created when exporting and importing models.

Then Unity can import the material created in Substance designer. And everything should work, I havent yet been able to test this workflow properly since I need to learn to use Blender better.

Is anyone else doing it this way? it seems to me by far the most complete solution for doing this with Sketchup models, and in Substance its easy to bake the high poly render onto the low poly mesh.

Anyways, what is your prefered solution for doing this? As far as I can see there is no easier solution, maybe Wrap-R would be a little better in that you dont have to do the uv-unwrapping in blender, but its 60 bucks.