Blender - Sketchup Importer Issue

When I import simple projects / scenes in Blender using the Sketchup Importer, everything works fine. However, when I import a larger project, many of the objects are incorrectly positioned in Blender.

Has anyone experienced this and if so, any potential solution?

P.S. Exporting to Blender to properly UV map objects as I am running into a lot of overlapping UVs without having to go thru this intermediate step.

There’s a plugin called WrapR, well
It’s actually a software that has connection directly with sketchup, it works similar tu the way you can map objects on blender, you can create seams on the 3D object and it will be unwrapped so you can position it, scale move rotate, to make the geometr fit the texture. There are other plug-ins for UV mapping but they’re more “automatic” at the moment of applying a texture, the most popular plug-ins and known by sketchup users are thrupaint from Fredo and sketchUV from sketchup, thrupaint is very good and has different mapping options, sketchUV is the only free from the ones I’ve mentioned but it’s also the most limited one but it’s perfect for simple geometry that the native tools can’t do, like apply texture to a sphere, tubes, simple quads mesh and project a texture easier than using the native tools.