Help Paint SketchUp Model W/Sculptris

Hi guys! I’m trying to add grunge details to a SketchUp model using Sculptris. I was able to add grunge to a concrete sphere component I made in Sculptris, but I can’t figure out how to import a SketchUp model with textures to paint over in Sculptris.

When I try to import the .obj file into Sculptris a message pops up saying, “OBJ has mapping data, go to paint?”

I clicked Yes, then I’m prompted with another window.

I clicked OK and it messes up the model.

If I don’t go to paint mode initially, then the model imports okay. From there I can go to paint mode fine, but it lost the textures from the initial import. I don’t know if it’s possible to retexture it in Sculptris. I tried to, but the window texture was too inaccurate.


How do I import the model with the textures from the SketchUp file into Sculptris, so I can add grunge details? Chances are, there’s a tutorial somewhere (on Youtube or something), but I can’t find one. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Here’s the model to download and try yourself.
Cube.skp (2.2 MB)

Thank you,

Hello @chippwalters!

After Forestr asked about Sculptris (to add grunge details to a SketchUp model), I thought that for what he wanted would be more easy to use a UV mapping, perhaps from Blender.

I put the necessary texture (unwrap, UV map) on the 3D model in Blender and exported it, but after imported into SketchUp (DAE or OBJ-via pCon.planner) I see my material, but without the UV texture (see photos).

UV map

I’ve seen your tutorials and know that with 3D-coat it’s possible to export 3D model with textures to SketchUp (as OBJ file), is there a possibility that directly from Blender is not possible? Or I miss something?
Do you have any advice?

I directly addressed the question to ChippWalters because I knew his tutorials about Blender, but it is also for everyone who knows and can help with advice.

@Forestr, I hope you do not mind that I use your post to ask this question, but it has some connection to what you asked.

Thanks in advance for answers!

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Seems to me that given that the model is flat surfaces and not curved, it may be quicker to just add some grunge in photoshop. See below. I made each section of your wall a unique texture and then edited in PS to show grunge then saved and voila…There it is!


Thank you for your clip, eric-s!

It seems to be easier (even for a curved surface), but for a much better control of every detail, UV mapping is the one I hope to use. And if a single texture can be created through Blender, and then imported in SketchUp, then it is also useful for render, and also when exporting to Unity3D. And that’s what I’m trying to find out possible with free software.

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Sorry, I haven’t done a round trip in Blender yet, but you should be able to go into the material for that object and then change the texture map to the one you setup in Blender and it should work.

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Thank you @chippwalters! I found the open texmap button in Sculptris and it works great, but I don’t know how to export a UV map from Blender. I tried joining my meshes in Blender, but it messed up the textures. Can someone please give me a simple (if possible) step by step process for exporting a UV map in Blender from an imported SketchUp model? I am so confused.

Hi @Forestr
Typically, once you UNWRAP a mesh in Blender, you can then go ahead and export is as an .OBJ then import it as I show in my video:


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Thanks, chippwalters!
There is the problem, because as can be seen in the second picture, the imported model came with material (TEX.001), but without the texture applied, I mean the UV coordinates. I can easily add a texture, even the UVmap.png, but it just apply repetitively, like any other texture you apply in SketchUp.

Forestr, you can look at this for UV mapping:

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I tried for an hour tonight and could not get SketchUp to recognize the UV maps no matter what I did. 3D Coat, UV Mapper Pro and KeyShot all recognized the output from Blender, but not SketchUp. Just another reason to switch…

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Thanks, @chippwalters!
I thought I miss a step in UVmapping/exporting in/from Blender. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for the tutorials! I’ll try it out.

I succeeded! :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve exported the 3D SketchUp model to Blender. I unwrapped it and I UV mapping it.

I’ve exported it as an DAE file with the help of this tutorial:


Now I can use Blender to UV mapping SketchUp model.