Plugin for obj + matirial uv (complex mat)

i want bring somthong like this all the plug i try not work the matirail pass but uv not pass.
any 1 have good plug for me?

i try alot
SimLab OBJ importer for Sketchup - not work
FluidImporterPro - not work

What do you understand as “not work”?

I see a continuously textured mesh in SketchUp, and there are no obvious misalignments of the material. The model in SketchUp must have UVs, otherwise the texture would be misaligned.

this is not my work this image from SimLab OBJ importer for Sketchup but if i try bring some models its seen like this:

its not work

See if this help you. I use Blender for UVmapping (with DAE file export, no need for plugin in SU Make), but you can use what program you know.


hooo i try it buy its not work not on obj in dae… if u can do for me video or pic its will be nice! tnx

For the model you want to make (Toblerone), depending on the details you need, it’s easier to create your desired texture (one with all faces on it) and apply it directly from SU.

But if you have more complex models and you need UVmapping, then follow that tutorial carefully.
You must watch very careful how the material is chosen (min 0:09). Create that new material, before exporting. That makes the difference, because otherwise, Blender it’s not able to embed textures into Collada *.dae files.
Or you can read the text and do exactly the same, step by step: Blender 2.79b model export to Collada - Blender Stack Exchange

If you use UVmapping from any other program, such as 3dsMax, Maya, 3D-coat, Mudbox, etc., then you get rid of this problem with the lack of coordinates of texture on DAE export.

yes but if this commplex one its hard. i will show u.