QuadFace Tools - .obj import/texture problem


Beginner here. I am working on a project combining SU and photogrammetry - my problem is that my .obj’s are not showing textures when I import them into SU using QuadFace Tools.

At first I was using Meshmaker to clean them up and simplify them. I think the problem there was that Meshmaker was doing funny things when it wrote the files on export.

I’m not sure, though, that the problem is entirely with the .obj/.mtl files. I exported the model directly from Photoscan, and got one .obj to appear in SU with its texture. I imported the very same .obj a second time (no parameters changed), and the texture isn’t there. The same model opens fine, texture and all, in Meshlab.

I’ve been googling for ages and haven’t come across anything. I’ve seen suggested edits to the .obj code, but nothing written for someone with no coding experience.
Could anyone point me toward how to troubleshoot this?

Edit: A clue, perhaps - the same .obj opens fine in an empty .skp file, but not in the one that I used to model the tomb.

In case any other newbies are having a similar problem and stumble across this post, I figured it out - silly really. The texture imports to materials, but unless it’s the only material in the project, it doesn’t automatically apply to the relevant mesh. You just have to go to the materials pane and tell Sketchup where to look. The image mapped absolutely correctly.

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