Export OBJ files with Quad Tools exporter

I have Sketchup Make and so there is no native OBJ file format export facility. Instead I have installed two extensions to export files as OBJ files. One is called OBJ Exporter but when I try that I get the [Mac] colour wheel of death: it just won’t do it. The other I have installed is the Quad Tools extension and that has a OBJ export facility. I’m exporting into a Photoshop file. The export works fine but the object gets imported into Photoshop without any of the materials I have put on the model. Can anyone explain why and whether there is anything I can do to rectify that? My file is too big to upload here, I’m afraid.



In SketchUp Make 2017, both OBJ exporters (TIG OBJ exporter and thomthom QuadTools) are ok, with textures. Opened with the 3D viewer for Windows 10 and MeshLab 2020.05.

Do you mean exported as an OBJ file, yes?

Did you check ‘Export texture maps’?

Thank you for your quick response. Yes, I have checked that box and it still doesn’t bring in the materials into the Photoshop file.

I’m happy to send you the files by We Transfer or e-mail if you’d like to have a look at them.



In addition to the exported OBJ file, was an .MTL file and a folder with textures in JPG / PNG format created for you?

Did you try to open the OBJ file in another program/viewer?

Try to import this OBJ file into your Photoshop and see if it’s ok, with textures - obj-04.zip (23.0 KB) (You need to unzip the ZIP file)

I’m uploading a couple of screenshots that show what the QuadTools exporter did. Yes, it looks like there are two .obj files created (I only did one export), an .mtl files and a folder containing two .jpg files of two materials but not all materials.

When I import the .obj file into Photoshop I don’t have the option of adding/grouping these files together (I think).

I’ll download your file and see what happens to that.

Many thanks for your help.




I imported your .obj file into Photoshop and I am uploading a screenshot of the result I’m not sure wart this tells me but you will know!

Look forward to hearing from you.



The photo shows that the imported OBJ model from SKP export has the materials on it. Probably if you rotate it, the other textures and colors can be seen on the sides.

I found a video on Youtube that talks about the fact that sometimes when importing OBJ files, Photoshop does not bring over the materials

But you can edit the materials and relink the path to the textures

My apologies for not having replied sooner.

I don’t seem to be any farther on with this. A fellow SU user, who has the Pro version and so the native .obj exporter has exported the fuel for me and it got imported into Photoshop with no problem - materials included; so it looks to be (possibly?) a SU extension problem with this Quad Tools rather than a Photoshop problem.

Do you have any idea why SU stops responding when I try to save a file as an .obj file in the other extension I have installed - the OBJExporter one? I get the coloured wheel from which there is no escape.