In desperate need of SKP to OBJ file conversion

Im in need of someone to make my SketchUp file to a.obj file. Im currently using SketchUp Make and I am in desperate need of help. If you can be able to do this task for me, send me a message :slight_smile:

There are at least 2 free exporter plugins in the SketchUcation PluginStore:

TIG: OBJ Exporter v3.0

  • Exports the Model in OBJ Format with an associated MTL file
    and a folder of image-files […_Textures] if appropriate.
  • More Information …

Jim: Faster OBJ Exporter v1.2

  • This exporter groups the .obj by material.
    Textures are not supported, but colors are.
    Groups/Instances are not considered.
    Works on selection, or entire model.
  • More information …

* SketchUcation membership is free.


Im not sure if it would be possible to use these programs, as I have the trial version of SU. Any alternatives?

Those ARE the alternatives.

Where did you get this misunderstanding…
These are NOT Pro only Extensions - they work in all flavors of SketchUp.
Indeed, if you had Pro you’d get the native OBJ-exporter anyway, and have no need of these alternatives !
These were especially developed to give Make users a tool that does more-or-less what Pro does [ albeit slower and clunkier! ]

You say you have the Trial version - but I assume you mean it’s now reverted to Make - however, if it’s still ‘Trial’ you will have the native OBJ-exporter…

Oh. My apologies, Im very new to SketchUp, so I dont know much… Im very sorry…