Obj export model bad

i made a model in sketchup and i want to 3d print this. it’s for school but it doesn’t work. I can export the sketchup to an obj file. then i paste the obj file in cura. it shows the model okay but once i go to layer view it isnt good anymore. it fills things up i dont want to be filled in. i already tried to remake my model but i cant seem to make it work. i also tried stl but it doesnt work either. it isnt a problem of cura since when i put in in 3d builder it says it has an unvalid defination, when i click to fix it there it make things i dont want to be there. can someone help? i tried a lot but it doesnt work.File included. school project.skp (496.6 KB)

You need to make it Solid Group, with faces correctly oriented, and without internal faces.

what? i dont get what you mean, sorry, im not that pro with sketchup…

Make Group
Use Solid Inspector plugin > Fix All

yeah got it, thank you very much, it works now.

im having trouble with another file as well, its for the same project and i thought i had the same problem, i do but the plugin doesnt fix all of it. do i need to remake it? or is there another way to fix this? its says i mannualy need to fix it but i dont see the problems…school project part 2.skp (792.1 KB)

You should learn to draw correctly from the beginning, so that you no longer have problems with incorrectly oriented faces (white front face to see).

Solid Inspector tells you what problems you have.

thnx, your really helping me out a lot

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