Problem with .obj export file

Hi there.

I just met a problem with exporting as a .obj file. It is okay with most of my models. However, some models’ exporting results are wired with color changing. Does anybody meet similar problems. Do you have any good ideas?

You should upload some example files that show this. Upload both the SKP and OBJ files so we can compare.

I don’t know what “wired with color changing” means. Again, show us some visuals so we can see what you are talking about.


Here is an example. Thank you.

Please upload the SKP file for the model.

cup_05.skp (150.8 KB)

Some of the faces are reversed in the model. Change the Face Style to Monochrome and fix the face orientation so only white front faces are exposed.

What is your plan for the model? Is this something you expect to 3D print or are you just using it for an image?

Your model also has an issue at the bottom with overlapping circles.

Sorry, I’m just a green hand to use SketchUp. I downloaded the models from the 3D warehouse and pained them with different colors.

We are going to use those 3D models in our robotics simulation and we want to label the models with different colors as the ground truth. We also want to 3D print them in the near future.

The model you shared would not be 3D printable because it is not solid. Compare it to the one below.

I’ve redrawn your cup to make it a proper solid component. As you can see, only white front faces are visible in my version of it.

cup_05.skp (193.6 KB)

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That’s awesome. Thank you so much.