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Hello everyone just got a quick question. So iv been in the process for several days of trying to take .SKP files and convert then to .3DS or .OBJ. This works all fine and dandy but it seems that there are some texture errors along the way (as seen below) Im not sure what the issue could be as its present in everything i try from Anim8or to Blender. Iv tried several plugins but im wondering if it could be that the reference files have been moved. Im not new to 3d but i am new to sketchup as im just trying to get some models i can only find there. Any help is much appreciated and have a great day :slight_smile:

So are you downloading other people’s models from the 3D warehouse to Anim8or and Blender using SketchUp as a middle man to do the conversions from .skp to .3ds/.obj?

I would say the first thing to check is reverse faces, probably the most likely culprit. This old blog post explains the issue: http://aidanackerman.com/blog/2013/10/03/how-to-quickly-fix-reversed-faces-in-sketchup

There are a few plugins that can fix it quicker but I don’t use them myself. If that does not solve the issue let us know and it could be something else.

Not sure what model you have as there are so many but in this one it would be these blue sections that need fixing.

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Thank you very much i will give your suggestions a shot!

Also just to clarify you are completely right on just using Sketchup as the middle man, thanks again!

Looks like that worked! Shame the Orient Faces does not work on this model but outside of that everything is looking better! Thanks everyone for the help, really appreciate it

Fun fact, I have been to the Lusitania memorial at Kinsale Ireland where my family are from, also part of one of the propellers is in Liverpool where I am from :

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Sweet, always wanted to go there! Been a major Titanic (and other shipwrecks) buff for 20+ years and am getting back into animation again after a break for a couple of years. Did a quick test here of a real time animation from about 2:00 to 2:20 am here (keep in mind the break up is from a really old animation) and that went so well im in the process of making a Real-Time sinking of the Lusitania, hence the model above. Wont be amazing but interesting nonetheless


Quite accurate in terms of angles ect as i have lots of hard to find resources when it comes to the sinking ect. Hope you guys enjoy it (keep in mind this is just a test and the camera broke halfway)


On a side note does anyone know a way to select the "Blue areas: (reverse faces) at once and fix them? Been going at it for a few days and its getting very tedious as the orient faces method simply does not work on the models iv been using.

Any ideas or links to other topics that may help is much appreciated as iv tried a few plugins and nothing seems to work. I might be over my head with this but again any help is much appreciated

Also if anyone wants the model for themselves to see the issues here it is


I believe you can use the orient ‘faces command’ in the link I posted above already http://aidanackerman.com/blog/2013/10/03/how-to-quickly-fix-reversed-faces-in-sketchup

It seems to give some issues when i do that method. Il try in the next few days to try it again to see if i can get it working


Try one of the RF plugins instead then: [Plugin] Fix Reversed Face Materials • sketchUcation • 1

So the best option for people in the future is sadly this.

Highlight the model and orient faces.

Export it into 3ds and then open that model in a program

then compare the two and manually fix everything that needs to be fixed

Its painfully tedious but you can see some results like this (still a WIP)

but it allows you to finally use it in other places (quick example below)

hopefully this will help the future generations :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks everyone for all the help so far, if i find anything new il let you know

Just checking what you are doing because this line is incorrect, you should select only one correctly orientated face then right click and select Orient Faces. This way it will attempt to orient the faces relative to the single selected one.
But there is a limit to how this works, things like internal walls will confuse it. The best option is to keep on top of face orientation and grouping as you build.

There are quite a few face flippers available, some of which you have already been given links to, but even they will fail on complex geometry.
There is a relatively new one that flips them depending on what the camera sees. Face Director it’s not free but fairly cheap.
I’ve never used it so can’t tell you anything else about it.

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Oh i meant it makes it easier down the road to see what faces you need to do as it will make it white when you reverse it which makes one life alot easier to tell what you need to do. Thanks for the tips :slight_smile:

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