PLEASE HELP, errors when saving as stl or obj

Dear All,

Can anyone help me?

I have a stoke city skp 2023 file and i want to covert it in to an OBJ OR STL file to 3d print for my son but when i open it in the slicer most of the model is missing. but in sketchup it looks complete

this is a link to the file page for the file but I don’t know why it will not save correctly
download and 2023 file:–

many thanks if anyone can help

There are a lot of problems with the model as far as 3D printing goes. Get Solid Inspector 2 from the Extension Warehouse and use it to help you identify issues. Some can be fixed by the extension but most will need your input.

Note that there are also many reversed faces in the model. They are shown in green, below. These will need to be corrected. Face orientation is important for 3D printing because it identifies which side of a face is toward the print media and which side is toward air.

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Hi Dave, thank you for your fast reply, is this easy to do as i have never used skechup and just need this model for my son for his birthday, is it a case of paying for the software and running the tool or more technical?

many thanks for your help with this

kind regards Danny

The fix would be somewhat involved and time consuming. I guess probably difficult if you have never used SketchUp before. Switching from SketchUp Make to SketchUp Pro won’t help in this case. The fixes require more decision making than the software can do on its own. You might consider hiring someone to do the work for you. You could post in the Collaboration and Commercial forum category to ask. I’d offer to do it but I wouldn’t be able to get to it for a few days.

thats great how much would it cost approximately?

I don’t know how much someone else would charge to do it. You’d have to communicate with them.

sorry Dave, I mean if you could do it I am happy to pay you for your time if you have an idea of how much you would want to complete this fix for me

It depends on how long it takes to do. I’ll have to look more closely at it to see.

many thanks, my email is

It’s not only the reversed faces that are problematic. It’s all the flat planes that the slicer has virtually no choice but to interpret as not there.

Take that vertical plane, for starters. There’s no real thickness to it. You’d have to extrude it out
Then there’s the bleachers. The “painted” portion is literally a flat plane floating above the one below it (notice the shadow). You’d have to extrude that out to have a thickness, just like the vertical part. Depending on your layer height, it may still not even present that detail.

At this rate, your best bet would be to lock the original model, then block out the basic shapes on top of it. At least, that’s how I would approach it. It would be time consuming, but starting “from scratch” would be a lot less laborious than going through this model to add thicknesses, close border holes, erase stray edges, and orient all the reversed faces.