Complete Novice - Need Help converting Sketchup to STL for slic3r



I’m hoping someone can help show me what i did wrong.
I have Sketchup make 2016, and i’m creating a 7 inch screen surround.
I used rectangles and push/pull tool to create the screen, and all looks good in SketchUp ( from my humble eyes ).
When i export it to an STL file ( installed Sketchup STL ) it completed screws up the model so it looks like there is no cut out for the screen, and there are triangles all over the place.

Can anyone help me? Thank you.

Protype7InchScreen_withCentralization_nologo1.1.skp (949.8 KB)


Your file is all loose geometry. I selected all, put them into a group, then ran the Solid Inspector2 extension. It found 17 internal faces - and fixed them!

Here’s the result:
Protype7InchScreen_withCentralization_nologo1 - FIXED.1.skp (1.0 MB)

That should work better with ANY slicer. I’m not in a position to try it with any slicer right now.


Your object is NOT a manifold solid.
Because of this exporters like STL might have issues…
It’s easy to fix it.
Use extensions like thomthom’s SolidInspector2 or my SolidSolver…
These will try to remove internal partition faces etc.
Protype7InchScreen_withCentralization_nologo1.1.skp (1.0 MB)
A solid group/component can only contain edges and faces and every edge must support exactly two faces.
This means that the following are NOT allowed:
faceless edges
edges with only one face - e.g. edges forming shelves or flaps or around ‘holes’
edges with more that two faces - e.g. internal partition faces where three or more faces share the same edge, or where two otherwise solid objects meet to share an edge - e.g. two ‘solid’ cubes, which have a common edge which supports four faces…


Wow - thanks for the help.

One last thing,

sjdorst and TIG, are you able to save the files as 2016 version files please? Im using 2016 version - I get an error saying file was created using a newer version. i have 16.1.1449.

Thank you.


Solid Inspector2 worked great! Thanks.

TIG - I have not tried your suggestion, which ill also do now to see how that comes out.

Can someone explain what i did wrong? I created it out of rectangles, used guides to make smaller ones, pushed and pulled objects -> it looked solid to me but im not sure how i would have figured out the issue.

when i say novice, i mean - used it for 1 hour before posting for help :slight_smile:


SketchUp doesn’t keep an edit history, so we can’t know exactly where you went wrong. As @TIG said, your model wasn’t a “manifold solid” - which you would have known if you put everything into a group or component, then selected the group and looked at the “Entity Info” - it will tell you if SketchUp considers it a solid. It will either say “Group” or “Solid Group”. But SketchUp won’t tell you why it’s not a solid. That’s where the Solid Inspector 2 extension comes into play. It will not only tell you if it’s a solid, but can fix most problems - such as the 17 Internal Faces in your model.

And per your request: The 2016 version:
Protype7InchScreen_withCentralization_nologo1 - FIXED-2016.1.skp (945.1 KB)


Just wanted to say thank you to all who replied - and so quickly too.

I successfully printed out my screen surround on my geeetech last night, and it fitted perfectly.

Thank you all.