STL files are not able to get sliced

Hey there, I am quite new in 3d printing. I do have a Problem, with my as an STL exported files in SketchUp. I installed an extension, to export STL. For my 3D printer (be born plus: I use a slicer called: (Slic3er) when I want to import my file I get the error you can see on the picture. Does anybody knows what that means and what I could do. I have to say, the slice gives me an output, bus not what you would expect.lamborghiniSketchup.stl (230.6 KB)

Upload the SKP file so we can see what you are starting from.

Importing the .stl shows that it isn’t a solid because of holes and internal face edges that need to be cleaned up.

Once you clean up the bad geometry, SketchUp will show it as a solid component or group. The slicer will be happy with you, too.

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