.OBJ Export extensions

Hello there! I currently use Sketchup 2015, as it is not only the only version I can afford, but the only version my computer can support. I need to export several files to an .obj format for use in an animation software. However, I can not find the necessary extensions. Can anyone help?

Update: I just realized I probably should have added this in the original post. My computer can not support Blender. It’s simply too old. I’m exporting these files, so a friend with a newer computer can use them. I also do not currently have a credit card, or paypal. I can only use the free extensions.

Export .dae from SketchUp. Import .dae into Blender, then export .obj.

My computer does not support Blender.

I’ve never tried this site before, but it says it can convert .dae to .obj online for free.

Here’s another…

Thank you. I’ll have to try them.

Free OBJ export from TIG plugin - SketchUp Plugins | PluginStore | SketchUcation

Free account and free plugin!

I don’t have a credit card or paypal. So while I appreciate the help, I can only access that which is free.

Thomthom’s free Quad Face Tools will export to .obj

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