I can't export OBJ files

Please help, thank you. I have quite a big problem. This might be an easy fix, but I’m not really used to Sketchup 2017. I’m basicly exporting objects from Sketchup 2017 to Blender. If I want to export a file to blender, and it’s a model, it must be OBJ. But whenever I want to export there’s no file type like OBJ only Collada and other files. Before, I was able export OBJ files, but know I can’t. Even tho if I try to export that file which I was able to export as an OBJ file before… Please help.

You could import DAE file (collada) in Blender.

For OBJ Exporter for SketchUp

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I appreciate your help. But If I import Collada files in Blender, then it just doesn’t work. Every part is all around, It’s just not what I need. Now the OBJ Exporter Plugin thing, I’m not too sure to be brave enough to log in. I don’t want to loose my account incase if that’s a scam site.

Sketchucation is a legitimate site and @TIG is one of the famous plugin creators.

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Good grief! Sketchucation is not a scam site. It’s been around providing help and extensions to SketchUp users for more than a decade.

What account is that?

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Many years longer than the extension warehouse.


It says if I want to dowonload that plugin, then I have to login from my SketcUp account. I mean this account. Currently I’m logging into the SketchUp PluginStore.

No it doesn’t. It’s telling you that you need to sign up and use your Sketchucation account. You need to be a member of Sketchucation to download content from there. You can sign up at Sketchucation for free if you wish or become a contributing member and get more SketchUp assets for free.

By the way, please correct your profile with SketchUp version, operating system, and graphics card. Your nonsense answers aren’t helpful.

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Oh! I thought I need to use my SketchUp account. Thank you very much for you help. I’ll register now.

Anyone could help me how to install the plugin please?

You list your operating system as “wfa”. I have no idea what that is and the method for installing extensions is dependent on the operating system. As I asked you before, please fix your profile to provide helpful information.

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I updated my profile with some basic stuff, my graphics card is a GTX 760 and I have Intel Core I5 4570(I think). My operating system is wfa.

And wtf is wfa

No idea.

SketchUp only runs under Windows and MacOS.

I have Windows.

Why didn’t you put that in your profile in the first place?

User Guide: Adding Extensions to SketchUp

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Obj export is a SketchUp Pro feature.