Exporting SKP to OBJ

How do I export to Obj files on Sketchup make? I was able to do it before, but now I can’t. Can someone please help?

That’s a Pro-only feature. See:

Perhaps you did it when you were using the Pro trial.

It was available on Google Sketchup (predating Trimble), I don’t know why Wavefront Obj was removed as an import and export option because it really is a trivial format.

I’ve created both importer and most of an exporter in Ruby (plus recently a C++ importer), but don’t think I can share them because it is now considered a ‘Pro Feature’ and Developers are not allowed to distribute extensions that provide Pro Features.

Why do you need a Wavefront Obj file? Can you use any other format? I have a glTF exporter on the extension warehouse. glTF replaces Collada DAE and is the WebGL format of choice.

Alternatively, if you can write ruby scripts, write you own. I can demonstrate how an exporter would be written.

I don’t know where did you get that impression but QuadFace Tools plugin by @thomthom can both import and export .obj format in SketchUp Make. (Check the commits here) As he’s SketchUp Team Member, i believe it’s okay to develop such plugins :upside_down:

OBJ export was added to QFT before I was a SketchUp Team member… I’ve been writing extensions for 6-7 before I started working for SketchUp. So it’s not safe to assume everything I’ve done is endorsed by SU itself.

I never really thought of the Free vs Pro thing - might need to put the export under a pro check. Since there is no OBJ import in SU Pro I can probably get away with not doing anything there.

But yea, replicating Pro features in an extension can be an issue - at least if you want to distribute via the Extension Warehouse.

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