Why No OBJ Import in Sketchup Pro?


I was just wondering why there is no obj file type import into SU Pro. I see we can export an obj so why not import one? Is there a technical reason?


I don’t know anything about he “why” question, but there are free plugins available, for example this one by TIG : http://rhin.crai.archi.fr/rld/plugin_details.php?id=591



I thought that was a workaround when I was using the free version and expected it to be standard in pro.


Hi Mistro,

File importers are complex to write, and expensive to maintain- we simply can’t cover every possible format in SketchUp. But we do try to cover the main ones that people need. What are you working on that causes you to prefer .obj over the other formats we already support?



Hi jbacus,

I find obj to work very well for me. I do not prefer it over the others, it’s just one of my favorite formats. I thought since we can export an obj, why not import as well? I have a lot of models I made that are in obj format. Bringing them into Sketchup requires converting. Sometimes I just want to grab a model I made without an extra step. I have the easiest time importing obj models into Thea and Blender which I use a lot.


Hi Jbacus,

I also would love .obj import, and I bet the game modding community worldwide would as well, if they ever want to give Sketchup a try. The reason is that game modding utilities typically only extract .obj from the resource files. If SU were to make importing of .obj files a cinch, it would allow you to for example take a model of a helmet from a game, and import it into SU, for perhaps some modifications and 3D printing.

For now I’m trying to use the plugin linked above (http://rhin.crai.archi.fr/rld/plugin_details.php?id=591), but there is no way to install/load the plugin any longer in the latest version of SU. Is there another workaround to importing .obj into SU?



There are two free OBJ importers available from the SketchUcation PluginStore:
Free or paid membership options available [read the joining page carefully and use the link for the free membership if desired…]…

There’s also a commercial OBJ Importer - free for 15 days then $39:
Or for $89 they have a comprehensive multi-format importer that includes OBJ…


Their importer looks interesting. Have you ever found one that can handle .max files?


.max import are not possible without a local copy of max available as it uses max plugins to describe the scenes and lighting…

3ds Max 3DS ( .3ds ) using Pro or plugin
3ds Max ASE ( .ase ) using plugin



Thanks TIG! Awesome!