Importing OBJ - 2016



Now the question is that is there a way we can *import .obj files into SketchUp some how? If not, is there a way around it?

I have read all the previous posts and there are some very unclear answers. Some plugins don’t seem to work and some only support very simple models. We wish to import drone generated 3D maps of small areas for construction site planning.

Also contacted SketchUp about this but they just cleaned their hands and said that we should explore the community site.

Any help / suggestions?


Why do people come in all aggressive with little information and expect an answer to all their problems.

Try explaining what you want to do clearly. Add images and models if available and see what freely given advice comes.


Hello. Unfortunately SketchUp doesn’t have a native OBJ importer (yet). I use Fluid Importer for SketchUp and for me it’s the best solution yet. Hopefully SketchUp will support an OBJ import option in the future. Cheers!


There’s a number of OBJ importers - my own QuadFace Tools for instance (free):

There’s a good number of alternatives on Extension Warehouse:

TIG also got an extension over at SketchUcation:


Did you contact the author of these plugins?