Importing obj file

Are we not able to import obj files into sketchup? I sware that I have done it in the past. But I might be wrong. Can anyone inform me of what is going On? If not is there a way with a simple extension?

Maybe try this?

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Thank you. I am going to try this. I just always thought that native sketchup was able to import obj files. I am a little bummed that they cannot.

It isn’t in the current list of supported import file types (SU 2017) even in Pro

That’s what you get now.

And what you got in SU 2016 pro.

Looks identical.

I haven’t any older versions of Pro, and Make only ever had a much more limited set of import file types.

Maybe you had a plugin installed in an older version?

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THank you very much for the clarification. I must have been using an extension. Or confused with the ability to export as an obj rather than import.

which refers to:

Also a companion exporter:

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