Import .obj files

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to import an obj file into sketchup.

The simlab plugin is not compatible with version pro2021.
I’ve already installed QuadFace but I still can’t import the file.

Is there any other way to be able to import this kind of files?

Thank you

Try Universal Importer extension

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Why not? It works for me in 2021. This is the result of importing an OBJ file with the QuadFace Tools import feature.

I want to import a file with 69.494KB, it takes so long and in the end the sketchup shows me a import error… How can I import a file with this size?

You want to import a 69 Mb file? That’s a pretty large file. Maybe split it into smaller sections so the importer can handle it. What is the file from?

Try Skimp. It’s very fast to import obj. Free trial available.

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