OBJ file import issue


Im having the same problem. what is the best file type to import? how can i keep image resolution up while shrinking file size? the OBJ file that I’m trying to import is 65mb

I’m using a brand new apple desktop

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If you have Photoshop or another image editor, measure the image and cut it into equal sections. Import each one into SketchUp individually.

Depending on the settings you can also downscale the resolution, if you are only displaying on screens 72dpi in the settings is enough in most use cases. Downsampling can make a major issue to file size.


OBJ is not a raster image format but an older 3D model format. SketchUp cannot import it directly so you must use some other software to convert it into SKP or DAE. An Obj importer is avaialble as a plugin, too. There are polyreducer applications that can make 3D models smaller, but the degradation in quality starts to show quite quickly.


Oh sorry I thought we were speaking about image file import not 3D!


Probably @casagregor ought to have started a thread of his/her own, as the problem with an OBJ file is somewhat off topic in this thread. Maybe @SketchUp_Moderator could split it at his post.


My bad, I read the Title and figured TIFF not OBJ


MeshLab is freeware and can import and export the formats you need. I use it for exactly the same purpose as you need. Beware though SU really is not setup for large photogrammetry derived models.


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