Importing Pix4D Models into SketchUp Pro

I’m not an architect and I am new to Sketch Up so bare with me. I am a drone pilot and I am getting into creating 3D meshes for architects. I recently downloaded a trial of SketchUp Pro to see how my meshes would look in SketchUp, but it seems to be having issues importing the files. I tried importing several dxf files and it keeps getting to 2% and then failing. I read in a forum that the files have too much information in them for SketchUp to open them, however, I have an architect I work with who uses them all the time and hasn’t had this issue. I would ask this architect, but unfortunately I can’t get ahold of him at the moment. Has anyone else had this issue and if so have you found a workaround for this yet? I need to find a way for my clients to be able to open these meshes in CAD and SketchUp Pro. I appreciate any help you can give.

Can you share one of the DXF files? Then we could take a look and tell you if it is too much for SketchUp or if there is something else causing the issue.

Try exporting as OBJ first then import to SU with Skimp (trial) or Transmutr (trial).

It’s usually straight forward if you use either of the plugins. If you need a free solution import to Blender and export as collada.

MJ-Eagle Isle Blvd_simplified_3d_mesh.dxf

Yes, I’ll attach it to this email.

hi there,

first off you should try to simplyfy the model in your point cloud software of choice to a human level…
i use reality capture and simplify models usually to around 100k polys… then also try to use multiple textures and each not bigger then 2k… that way usually the models look also great in the viewport…

if you export models for 3ds, c4d or anyhting other not sketchup, polycount and texture size is not such an big of an issue…

if you need help, pm me - im happy to help

best, franz