~~Import~~ open DXF file in Trial

I am a blacksmith who forges, among other things, sundials. I use a design package to layout the sundials; this software outputs a DXF file which is then imported to CAD software for adding additional design elements. I am trying to determine if SketchUp can import this DXF file and be used to add text, etc. However, it appears that SketchUp does not recognize the file. Note: other CAD packages don’t seem to have a problem with the import.

If I cannot get the DXF file imported, SketchUp will be a bust for my work and I’ll move on to more capable software.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions,

I have no issues importing .dxf.

Just to be clear, basically none of us on the forum care a thimble full of bollocks as to whether or not you move on to a ‘More capable software’. We are however, happy to help.


upload the file for others to test…

what is the originating software?


What kind of error message do you get?
Can you post a small example DXF file?
Can your design package output its DXF to an older or newer DXF file format?

No error message at all. Just quiet, stubborn refusal to respond

The originating software is called Shadows 4.x

Sorry to offend -

edit: I meant to say ‘compatible’ not ‘capable’

Third request: Upload a .dxf file that gives you problems so we can see what is going on and try to help you.

Creede_Horizontal_bifilar.dxf (475.9 KB)

You may be trying to simply open a dxf file from sketchup. Instead, try opening a blank sketchup file first. Then, choose Import from the file menu and select the dxf. You will have to select the file type from a drop down menu as well. Sketchup should have no problem importing it.

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Imports into SU2020 fine for me.

There are some entity types that SketchUp doesn’t import such as text but the geometry is there.

See: Importing and Exporting CAD Files | SketchUp Help

Inserted into LayOut:

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Ahhh! Stupid - This was exactly the problem. Still some issues, but I need to figure those out without wasting the band width here. Thanks

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Please don’t feel stupid. I did the same thing when I first started with sketchup and was very frustrated. I assumed it would “import” a file if I simply tried opening it with the software, which is the behavior I’d become used to for almost every other piece of software I’ve ever used in my entire life on any platform.

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We might have guessed this earlier except you used the word “Import” in the title of the thread as well as in the text so we would assume you were trying to import not open the .dxf file.