Import from Pix4D or SketchFab

Hi, i am trying to find a way to import this as a model for me to work from, i am very new to sketchup and am at a loss as to how to import and have not yet found a workable way to do so.

I can export from Pix4d in .fbx .mtl .obj .ply or whatever exports from sketchfab as well…

Any ideas hoe best to go about this…???

I have tried simlabs and fluid importer already to no avail.

Thanks in advance for your time. :wink:


Very tricky I’m afraid, Sketchup does not work well with high poly models and will likely grind to a halt or just not import. Particularly with the type of meshes exported from Pix4D which are not particularly optimised. You are better off importing the exported Pix4D mesh into another modelling app and doing some retopo work on it. 3DCoat is useful for this as there is an auto retopo function which can help.

If you are just after terrain from Pix4D you can classify the point cloud and produce a dense cloud and mesh just for the terrain which would be a lower poly count. Or generate and export contours and sandbox the contours.

Just terrain would be fine, do you have a brief explanation as to how best to do this so i can import… :wink:

I really am struggling right now… :wink: And thanks for your reply.

Depends on the version of Pix4D. If you only have Pix4D model, you are stuffed. If you have Pix4D mapper, you need to generate the dense cloud, then run the point cloud classification routine, this will attempt to classify a portion of the dense cloud as terrain and ‘other’ you can select groups of points manually and assign the groups to your own classifications. From then I think you can then generate contours just for the terrain group. I am on vacation at the moment so don’t have access to my machine, this is all from memory I’m afraid

Thats cool i already had the model built, so am processing the last part with contour lines now, so will see how that goes and what i can work out, thanks again… :wink:

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