Importing CAD drawings

Have taken up the Sketchup Pro 30 day trial to see how it will work and it said you can import CAD drawings. If so, how do I import AutoCad .dwg drawings?

Look to the top menus … File > Import

Importing and Exporting CAD Files — SketchUp Help

Yes I have tried this but when selecting a file to import, none of the .dwg files are selectable. Is this because I am on this 30 day trial?? If so, it’s not of much use… :slight_smile:

Check to see you have that file type selected in the import dialog plus the options:

It’s a common problem. Same thing for importing TIFFs and JPGs when the time comes.

Ed: Perhaps you don’t see this pop-down menu until you hit the “options” button in the lower left corner.

Oh… Clever. Yes I see what was wrong: the format was set for .pdf. Thank you. But tell me, when imported, how can I easily scale it as actual dimension. It comes in tiny. Ok, I can scale it up but that’s a bit hit and miss. How can I get it to be exactly the millimetres scale I am using.

Well, you can always rescale something after import, but you shouldn’t have to. Look at the “options” dialog for .dwg files. If you have it set to the right units for the file you’re importing, it should import correctly to scale:


If changing the import scale doesn’t immediately solve it, a precise way to scale it up after importing is to use the tape measure tool. With that you click at one end of a known length line, then click at the other end of that line. After that type the length it needs to be, and Enter, and you should be asked if you want to scale the model. Once you have done that the line that you measured will be the correct length, and you didn’t have to worry about the exact scale amount.

Here’s a nice short video showing the steps. In this case they just resized the contents of the imported object:

Thanks for all this help. Mission accomplished with a re-scaled landscape in 2D. Now what I would like is create a hillside/landscape in contour. The land survey I have gives contour points. Can I create a land surface? Is there some method in Sketch-Up Landscaping?

Data points or contour lines? SU can turn contour lines into a surface, but I don’t know about converting data points to a surface.

I can draw lines between the data points. It is just that I think if I create triangles between all points then can I raise or drop just one angle point? What I mean is - from the support vids I have seen - you can raise contour levels and from these use ‘Sandbox’ (?) to unite an overall surface. Can this only be done from an edge line?

TopoShaper by Fredo6
Terrain from Points Cloud

Such a conversion sounds nifty but be aware of, or ask, what the accuracy standard used for the topo information, contour lines or points is for the specific topographic survey work product,


a common vertical accuracy is one-half of the contour line interval horizontal spacing.

For example, if the contour lines are spaced 4 feet apart horizontally, they only have to be accurate

vertically to +/- 2 feet.

Most building or hardscape architectural design would need more accuracy than that.

So the conversion into the model would follow the old garbage in / garbage out rule.

Or, maybe they were drawn to a 1/10 of contour interval. Best to know.


I have watched the vid tutorial on this and it looks exactly what I need but HOW DO I GET THE “Fredo” that it shows in the Tool Bar ?? I have searched everywhere … is it an add on … it must be I suppose but please can someone tell me from whence it cometh ?? Thanks,

Yes, a plugin. Looks like it’s here on the Sketchucation website (where a lot of SU plugins are).

Fredo6 has a lot of plugins,and they all rely on his LibFredo6 pugin as well, so you have to install both.

Brill, many thanks… I’m underway

Help please. Returning to my file I can not get the Fredo Tools to open. I have a << FredoTools_v3.2d.rbz >> in my files and I can see Fredo tools in my drop-down menu ‘Tools’. But none of the applications are highlighted when I try to open them and I can’t access Fredo at all.

How did you install the extension? You need to open the extension manager window, click “install extension “ at the bottom, and select the .rbz file in the mext dialog (navigate to the folder where you downloaded it). Do not simply copy the rbz file to your plugins folder.

Thanks, I have done exactly as you say, went to the Extension Manager and installed. The Manager shows “Fredo6 Fredo Tools” as “Enabled” and “Signed” but I can not access Fredo, despite seeing it in Tools/Fredo Tools; only “Video” and “Donation” are in bold. ???

Did you also install LibFredo6? How about the SketchUcation utilities? They help check for updates and manage their extensions in addition to SU’s built in extension manager.

Yes, I Have both “Fredo6 Fredo Tools” and “Fredo6 LibFredo6” showing as “Enabled” and “Signed” . I am on a 30day Pro trial but this is exasperating not being able to get underway.