Importing an AutoCad into sketchup to scale

I have never been able to import AutoCAD files to scale correctly!. sometimes it works when I get lucky. I obviously don’t know how to export it correctly. Can anyone point me in the right direction? thank you!!.

Drawing1.dwg 3b.dwg (4.7 MB)

Did you set the units?


yes, I imported in model units and changed that to inches as well. it brings the file in at the scale the Autocad scale file says it was drawn @1" = 120’ . I am asking this incorrectly. what I need to do is change it to be full size

Draw in Autocad at 1 : 1 real scale

or use Tape Measure tool in SketchUp to scale it.


attempting this but thus far unsuccessfully.

What exactly did you try, to draw on a real scale (1: 1) in Autocad, as is normal, or to scale with Tape Measure tool in SketchUp the imported dwg (

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imported the cad file in… it is showing at 1" =120’. using the tape measure tool it does not rescale the 2d file. when you rescale geometry created in SP you get the confirmation box when you measure, then change the dimension. that isn’t happening. no dialog box and the scale does not change.


Drawing1.dwg 3b.skp (5.2 MB)


perfect!. having used SU for so long it’s astonishing how little I actually know. thank you both for responding.

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