Import AutoCAD file to SketchUp

I’m trying to import an autocad file to sketchup but all it shows up as is a line. Can someone help me with this? The autocad file is below.
Project 2.dwg (143.5 KB)

Ideally in the option part, preserve the origin, then zoom all after the import

There are some stray geometry, the line included, open if grouped, delete the line, zoom all, then there is some rooms, can delete or move them closer to the main plan


As @pcmoor related, the problem is stray geometry located great distances from the model.

When I open the DWG file in AutoCAD and hit Zoom Extents, it disappears.
The same occurs in SketchUp.

See this Help article:
Preparing a CAD file for import into SketchUp — SketchUp Help

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I tried uploading an autocad file to sketchup and it imports and then just shows up as a line. Does anyone know the reason why this might be happening?

can you upload the auto cad file? Maybe it is just a line?

Project 2.dwg (143.5 KB)

here is the autocad file

you have been warned:

wow! I could not follow what you did

I just measured it to show that what you imported was very far from SketchUp’s origin.
I then selected the ‘line’ to show the bounding box of the imported dwg. This showed the corner where the geometry should reside (within the component)
I then entered the component for editing, ‘cut’ (CTRL-X) the geometry to the clipboard, deleted the dwg-component and pasted what was on the clipboard (CTRL-V) near the origin.

Zoom Extends (SHIFT-Z) did the rest…

you lost me at the second third step haha sorry I’m not tech savvy at all

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Is it possible to open an AutoCAD files in Sketchup Web?

You can import AutoCAD files (.dwg and .dxf) into SketchUp Shop but not SketchUp Free.

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