3D mapping into Sketchup

I just bought a Parrot Anafi Work drone. It comes with a one year subscribtion for Pix4Dcapture. My intention is to use the drone for 3D mapping and integrate the 3D maps in Sketchup when designing buildings. Is there anyone out there who could give me suggestions on how I get the best use of it, and how to import files from Pix4Dcapture into Sketchup. Or maybe if there is some other 3D mapping software I rather use. I don´t want to spend a fortune on software though. //Johan

You also can watch and learn from tutorials on Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=pix4d+export+3d+model+

(export as OBJ files)

Congratulations! Please be aware of your local aviation regulations relating to drone use. Generally, once you use the drone commercially (which this would then qualify as since you’re using it in a process pertaining to commercial activity), you need special licensing, registrations and insurances.

Regarding the actual operation and processing of the data, it’s a bit of a learning curve w.r.t. settings, cameras, flight speeds, flight heights, accuracy, flight paths, geo-correcting, etc. but it is enjoyable.

Fly safe, have fun!

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Thank you for your input. Although it wasn´t what I asked.

Thanks a lot!