Twinmotion tips / Paint your SketchUp terrain with vegetation

Hello everyone,

Here is a short tutorial showing you how to paint your SketchUp terrain within 1 minute.

*SketchUp models can be directly imported into Twinmotion in .skp format. Terrain can be imported separately through “Point cloud & 3D mesh” in order to be painted with Forest tool.

Any questions or comments are welcomed!

Have a nice day :slight_smile:

Twinmotion / Abvent


On your videos all looks nice, BUT you are not painting on Sketchup model at all!
You use native TM terrain.

I have tried to paint on an imported Sketchup model in vain.
Is there any secret solution to achieve it?


Yes, this is a bit misleading… You can import the SKP model using the terrain import but it has problems…

You can paint forests and textures

You CANNOT modify the mesh

The mesh is simplified into a square

The mesh is incorrectly scaled

TWINMOTION SUPPORT IS HORRIBLE - Emanual is not up to date, Forum is dead…

Same can be said about ArtLantis, the other Abvent product. I am worried. I like Artlantis (the older one, why would I upgrade to something that is slower) even if it has its quirks, but with all the negative user opinions going around, how long can they go on?