Importing SketchUp into Twin Motion

Not sure if I’m in the correct place to ask this question relating Sketch up and Twin Motion…

I’ve installed Twin Motion and literally stuck on the first task of importing my sketch up model into Twin Motion. It’s allowing me to select my model on import but the ‘ok’ button is inactive so I can’t import. What am I doing wrong? I’ve even watched the videos from Twin Motion on how to import (which looks really easy).

I tried installing the Sketch up extension in Twin Motion but I’m also coming up against a greyed out button. Please see screenshots.


What is the name of your file?


Is that a name or a mathematical equation?:smiley:
Try naming it without the use of syntax operators (+ -*^() etc.)

Oh Sorry, that’s the actual name of the file. :joy: I can change the name of the sketch up file? It’s a sketch up model I downloaded from Google warehouse to test to see how you import into Twin Motion

Being greyed out, are you sure it is a MAC capability…?

I know it works on a PC…

"I tried installing the Sketch up extension in Twin Motion "

you install the extension into SU, not TM?

The first version of TwinMotion didn’t work with SKP on Mac, but would work with FBX. Try FBX, or update to a later version of TwinMotion.

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Yes, you can!
Direct link is Windows only, but is not needed for importing skp files.

I checked the compatibility on the Twin Motion website, which is fine with my Mac. Clicked on the ‘Download Epic Games Launcher’, followed the instructions of installing which is straight forward. Opened TwinMotion in the Epic Games window. I’m having no problems opening the program, it’s when I want to import my skp file is when I’m coming up against a problem. I can select my sketch up file but it’s not allowing me to press ‘ok’. I’ve attached the screenshot.

Thanks Colin, I’ll give that a try.