Twinmotion with Sketchup

Now that Twinmotion is free I am considering to try it out, but before I download 5+GB (my internet is slow) I would like to know how well it works with Sketchup.

From what I understand Twinmotion doesn’t have a plugin for Sketchup but it can import skp files. But does this mean that every time I make a change in my Sketchup model I have to start from the beginning in Twinmotion?

There’s a video on the subject here…

If that doesn’t quite answer your question, you could ask on the Twin Motion forum.


I would start downloading now! After november, it won’t be free, anymore!
As you see in the video @IanT provided, it is fairly easy to import and update the Skp model. Besides skp. you can import various other file formats, as well!
Twin motion is more about bringing everything to life then producing pretty pictures, which is probably why it is taken over by the gaming industry.
Which render will follow?

This thread actually reminded me about Twinmotion and the fact it is free at the moment. I’ve started looking into it and it looks incredible for what it can do, (53% downloaded).

@IanT be carefull it wont blow up your videocard!

Just FYI there is a known issue with Twinmotion that when importing SKP on Mac it crashes every time. I got it to work by importing a .DAE instead.

It can only blow up once right? :joy:.

I’m actually in the process of sourcing a better desktop for things like rendering (and SU of course) I think it’s about time. (off topic completely so I’ll stop here).

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Been using SU and TM since 2016… they are a great combination and work well together… respects material and model structures and locations… this is on a PC notebook… i7, 16Gb and GTX1070

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Thanks! This video answers the question.

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I wish the Twinmotion download was a separate download and not via an installer.

Subsequent changes to your sketchup model will update in twinmotion without the need to start over.

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It’s pretty much the same as Lumion ($3000) with a smaller asset library, but as its now free it’s a steal.
I still think there is a bit of a trade off as I dont think it’s static renders are as fine as Vray, Thea etc, but for speed it’s amazing and no comparison (other than Enscape), but especially invaluable if you need video output with moving parts, people, cars and weather.

I’ve been using it for a few weeks now and think its incredible!. Its extremely powerful, yet incredibly easy to use and Its packed full of features. It does come with a materials library but could be bigger. However, it has the ability to import or create your own materials with bump/normal maps which could expand the materials considerably!. There is a great range of lights with plenty of IES Profiles. It has animation (people and vehicles) , physics effects and dynamic weather features. All in all its an incredible program, especially for a freebie!

Im using Sketchup Pro 2019 on a Mac and get the error:
OpenGL not Supported
You must have a Metal compatible graphics card and be running Mac OS X 10.11.6 or later to launch this process.
Any ideas or does it not work with Mac?

Is this an error with Sketchup or Twinmotion?

I get this message with the installer:
I’m on 10.12.6 at the moment, but I’m working toward 10.13.

Edit: Apparently that was some library, not Twinmotion itself (?)

Edit2: Well, after starting the installation, it crashed.

Twinmotion - soon as I run it.

Imac 2011, 12,2 AMD Radeopn HD 6770M 512MB

Crashes every time while importing SKP. I used 2019 and it imported SKP no problems. I have tried simplifying the model and still crashes. I made a cube saved it and tried to import it and it crashed. This is unusable for me until they fix the bug. Please add a Sketchup plugin too :slight_smile: You have to support the easiest and most creative modeling program please. Maybe not the best or most feature rich but it is my pencil. Since it seems like rendering and scenes are being moved to another program anyways these super feature rich programs just have unnecessary features…kinda like how Autocad has 3d which is useless.

I doubt if your specs are adequate to run TM

Seems to make the minimum:

General information

  • GRAPHICS CARD : 4GB minimum (WIN : compatible DirectX 11 / MAC : compatible Metal 1.2)
  • RAM : 8GB minimum
  • DISK SPACE: WIN 5 GB, MAC 10GB available
  • Twinmotion is not officially supported on virtual machines, please install it on a physical one
  • Internet connection (downloads, license activation and some internal features)
  • Three-button mouse

Twinmotion 2019 v2 / Twinmotion Epic

  • OS WINDOWS : 7 / 8 / 10 - 64 bits / Server 2008 / 2012 / 2016
  • OSX MAC (from 2013) : 10.13 / 10.14
  • CPU: i5 / i7 / i9

I need to upgrade from 10.12 to 10.13 I guess. Not sure how to test or query Metal compatibility.