Twinmotion becomes free (once more)

Epic games just released the 2023.2.4 twinmotion version that changes the pricing and licencing model. It is free again, only this time there’s a prerequisite : customers have to generate under $1 million USD annually.

For now, the datasmith exporter hasn’t been updated to be installed in sketchup 2024, but it is possible to import 2024 .skp files from twinmotion.

This is rather good news for small businesses !


Thanks Paul, do you know when this free version is available to download in sketchup 2024? I used to use the hobby version of Twilight Render, but can’t use it in Sketchup 2024 (discontinued) so looking for a free alternative and seen good things said about twinmotion.

Twinmotion is a stand-alone software, unlike twilight render which was a plugin. Therefore there is no version “for” sketchup 2024. As I wrote earlier, only the exporter has to be updated to work with sketchup 2024, it allows to synchronize your models with twinmotion with ease but it is not required to open your sketchup files.
You can already download the new free twinmotion version and try it out, all you have to do is create an epic games account first, then download the epic games launcher and install TM in the twinmotion tab from the unreal Engine panel

Roger that and thank you for explaining. I’ll give it a go Paul.

There’s a decent workflow for SU24 and TM even without an updated exporter. As mentioned above TM can import .skp geometry directly, and if you keep the file open in SketchUp too you can adjust the file, save the changes and then refresh from inside TM to update. Similar to using Layout.


indeed. I tried the datasmith a couple of years ago, it gave me weird scaling when replacing materials, in the end, the standard import works well too. if they decide to update the datasmith, good. if not, it’s not the end of it.

every few years, Myasaki announces his retirement, then announces a new movie.
Twinmotion’s pricing follows a similar trend :slight_smile:


I really wish TM would create a proper live sync adapter…

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I’m having trouble installing the Datasmith exporter. I successfully installed the UnrealDatasmithSketchUpExporter_5_3_2.msi file, but I don’t see an option for SketchUp 2024. When I try to copy the plugin from the 2023 version, I receive an error. Could you please provide guidance on how to properly install the exporter for SketchUp 2024?


Whats the catch? So this can be used as a rendering tool? I keep looking for a decent rendering tool which is cost effective.

it’s not. not until they update it.

you can simply use the import tool in twinmotion.

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Yes, it is a rendering tool, of sorts. I have used an old version and I liked it although it has its quirks, being originally developed by a French company (the one behind ArtLantis)

How comes they are letting people use it for free?


I’m guessing they looked at the numbers they were making these days and realised they would actually make more doing this than the old way.

Plus, it’s a byproduct of unreal engine. The dev cost on twinmotion isn’t as high as on vray.

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Gateway drug to Unreal and their ecosystem.


Is it worth me jumping on their bandwagon?

well it’s free so yeah, not worth too much :slight_smile:
it’s quite good for outside stuff, environment, people moving around in the city, forest stuff…

It’s worth checking, on youtube, SketchupEssential did a few videos showing how it works, if you already know another renderer, you’ll quickly get the hang of it.

Its main problem is that it’s not inside SU like Vray or enscape, it’s another software, you’ll need to import / update if your model changes. but beyond that, it’s pretty similar

Perfect thanks mate, ill check it out.

I would check D5 render while you are at it - first… unless you have plans of migrating to the full unreal engine at some point of which twinmotion is a good mid step bridge. D5 has a free version as well. Its excellent.

Here is a trailer that came out yesterday for the upcoming release. They also have it hooked up to SKP with live sync - but its not as good as enscapes. It still has some flaws but its very usable.

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D5 is really making some advancements quickly, recent versions have some interesting features I’d like to try. But, still windows only. :disappointed:

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