TwinMotion Plugin

I’m having quite a bit of trouble installing the TwinMotion direct link plugin into SU24. I was able to install TM on my computer no problem and downloaded the UnrealDatasmithSketchupExporter. The package was straight off the TM site that the extension manager directed me to, but when I hit the install button I get an error message saying its not a valid installation package (looking for …5_0_1 and the downloaded installer is …5_4_1). I did see that it’s for SketchupPro and I have the Studio plan, but would that make a difference? I’ve been troubleshooting for a while now, so any and all advice is appreciated. TIA

That sounds as if you could have deleted the 5.0.1 installer previously and you’ve confused windows?

Try using 5.0.1 first

Then try the latest version

Super helpful thank you so much!

While the datasmith extension has been updated for 24, you might consider not using it.