Sketchup 2020 and Twinmotion. No love

I can’t get the direct link extension loaded into SketchUp 2020. And Twinmotion fails to import a 2020 file directly. Looks like I’m out of luck. Just when I was getting excited about 2020. I read but found nothing on the Twinmotion site or forum. Posting just in case someone smarter than me has a workaround (beyond back-saving everything from 2020).

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We will have to wait what Epic does, it usually takes a month or so, when it was controlled by Abvent.


Same here. Noticed pretty quickly that TM is not compatible w/ SU 2020 yet. It’s really not fun when bringing imports over from SU either. If you load them in SU 2020 and try to import them into TM it will not work, you have to open up SU 2019 and import them there and then over to TM and it works fine. Hopefully it’s not too long of a wait!

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Same goes with wrap-r. You need 2019.

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Why not just save your models as su19? Or am i missing something?


Yes this method will function but it breaks the live link and makes updating cumbersome. I’ll have to save as and backsave another 18 version every time I update being careful to overwrite the previous version, then manually update within TM. It’s easier to just keep working in 18 so all the files are directly updatable.

I’ve had problems with the live link in SU 2018 to TM 2019. I gave up and now import the SU model directly from within TM, and then “sync” it in TM, after any changes are made and saved to the original SU model. Only one step more than the “live-link”.

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It is annoying that they have it for Revit and ARCHICAD 2020 but not yet Sketchup.

As far as workflow I do the save as thing and keep updating my ____2019 file but Sketchup acts like the original file is the same unless I close it before opening the saved down file… So that is not convent.

Twinmotion 2020 is out now. Plugin for SketchUp 2020 available.
Not longer free.


“As a special thank-you to our early adopters, those who had downloaded the previous Twinmotion release will receive Twinmotion 2020.1 for free; entitlements are automatically added to their accounts, and the software can be accessed through the Epic Games launcher. There’s also a free trial option for those wishing to evaluate the new features before purchasing, and a free educational version for students and teachers.”

“Try the latest features on your non-commercial projects, with no strings attached, for as long as you need—for free.”


Great News! I am up and running with TM 2020 today. Having had a previous account I was able to get 2020 with cost. It’s not clear how long that will last. The new Live Link does work with SketchUp 20 and everything looks good so far. Some changes to how TM works (interface and menu changes) and the newer version feel slower to me, I’m gettin much lower FPS and bigger lag, but it’s not a small model I’m pushing today. The images look a bit crisper though and the general lighting feels much brighter. I’ll do an apples to apples test with the same model (tm 2019 is still working as an independent install) to see if there are really speed differences or if it’s just my perception.


Note that 32 Gb RAM is recommended…

I opened a project I was was working on last week (in 2019) in 2020 and immediately noticed a jump in visual and lighting fidelity with the physical sky and new vegetation automatically substituted.
This looks very very compelling now.

So far a mixed bag for me, but I’m still sorting it out. Textures look crisper, especially the metal options. Lighting is brighter overall, they are touting their new “autoexposure” feature which might have something to do with it, I haven’t played with it enough. I’m having to turn all fixtures way up to get a reaction from them, feels very different. Before I would never move the intensity more than a 1/4 at most or it would blow out, now I have to jack up the lumens just to see the light. Odd.

Biggest change is that the FPS is way way way down. My system is struggling a bit, on models that I used to get 40 to 50 FPS I’m seeing 5-10 FPS. very hard to work. Ive been working about 4 hours on it and locked up 3 times.

The materials seem more ‘PBR’ the reflection settings are vastly more subtle, rather than being crunched to the upper settings levels. Still cant work out the lighting.

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Actually crashing a lot for me. Are you importing model or using direct link?

This particular project was a direct link but I haven’t updated the SU model - I had just opened the the 2019 TM model sun 2020.
I haven’t had crash but it has locked up a couple times, where the scene window is unreponsive but the UI is operating

That’s a common one for me too, the UI and menus remains useable but the model portal is locked up. Sometimes I can even still save when it happens, then I have to force quit.

I was curious about your results updating the model through the link extension. It keeps overwriting the TM textures when I update that way, so the new geometry changes appear but I loose all the texturing work done previously. Maybe I’m missing something, and the TM forum is a ghost town, a few posts a month.

I get this bugged dialogs in SU2020 after installing and enabling Twinmotion 2020 extension:
1| after every SU start:

2| Twinmotion extension settings:

Also my GPU works harder on 2020 version. I get even 71°C on clean project with no elements, when in benchmarks I get no more than 68°C :worried:

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Hi MIke, do you know if there’s any way around this? I have a MacBook Pro which is 8gb and retina display so no way of upgrading. Is my only option to get new hardware?