SU 2021 and twin motion

Does anyone here have advice for using su21 and twin motions bridge

I have used it with my 2018 pro but the plugin doesnt work for 21. I am on a new machine and need this for work…

I have sent two tickets to tech support but have heard nothing back…

Please advise

there’s no plugin for 21 yet indeed. But twinmotion 2020.2 is able to import su21 files. If you modify your model inside sketchup, you can then refresh inside twinmotion with one click, in the import tab, above the imported model

Hi Paul

that sounds fine but I do not have SU 2020 on this machine only 21
when I go to install my 2020 it tells me my serial is invalid…

I had 2018 on an older machine that the plugin does work but again I cant get the installer for 2018 off trimbles DL page

I didn’t mention SU 2020 ! What i meant is that twinmotion is able to import 2021 Skp files. Save your model in sketchup, and then in twinmotion pick import ! once imported, you will see a refresh icon above the model tile

Hi Paul

Just tried as you suggest and its not refreshing the file in TM the refresh icon is there, it does the refresh

I had this working using SU2018 but I am on s new PC now…

see attached grabs I moved the cars and saved SU file hit refresh they are still in same position…

I dont really care what version of SU I am on for this, do you have an idea where I can get DL of 2018 pro I need a workaround until either TM or SU gets their act together?

did you save your sketchup file after moving the car ? you will have to save your sketchup file everytime before refreshing inside twinmotion.

As for the 2018 pro Download : SketchUp Pro – Download-Center

yes opened file in su imported file in TM, moved car in SU saved file SU, refresh TM no change… what I dont get is the twin motion is doing its refresh reading assets thing but then not changing the model…

you either didn’t save in the same place or didn’t wait long enough for the save to complete overwriting the file. If you created the tm file on the previous computer, start again importing from scratch.

Another advice, you should use twinmotion vegetation, it would run smoother

thnx for the link, still wont work as trimble has decided my lic is no longer valid for 2017 2018 or 2020… I wonder how long it will take to hear anything from them.

Files are saved on the desktop. I’m new to the PC not to computers was working inhouse with Universal of their themparks last 5 years but due to covid I am not freelance again and having to upgrade my work system… but last WIN system I used was win2000 :stuck_out_tongue:

as for the TM landscaping definitely agree this is just a test file I use to try things. Very much looking forward to using TM fully, I had it on my mac and it was ok but buggy lights didn’t really work and my old system couldn’t handle the load. from what I can see it should work much much better on the PC, that is if I can get it to work…

If you upgrade, you trade in the old version for the new.
Once you choose to activate a newer version, the older version are no longer active and can only be uses on machines where it was once installed (and activated)

Ahhh now that makes sense…

OK so I figured out for some reason my files were being duplicated I think TM will do as needed now just wont be using the bridge thing, just direct import from twin motion…

My biggest issue is gonna be making sense of the PC OS logic :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks guys!

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