Twinmotion ver:2019.5 update - New SU link icons

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O.k. downloaded the new free Twinmotion Update (2019.5), but can’t seem to find any info to how/where one installs those SketchUp-Pro-2019 Direct Link icons as shown on this movie, anyone on this ?

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You need to install the SUPlugin too:


Been waiting for this feature for a long time, yes! However, just downloaded the update and SU plugin. Here’s what happened: Clicking on the “view” icon populated my SU model in the TM viewer at the same perspective as in SU. Great! But then that’s it, no real time live sync motion as expected. Moving the view in SU does not move the view in TM and vice versa. Ideas?

It certainly is a lot easier than before. Just linked in an unfinished test model and got good results.