Sketchup 2020 and Twinmotion. No love

having a hard time with this Mac…
but, it’s running, though

Thanks - good luck! Do you know of any other rendering extensions I should be looking at given the limits of my Mac please? I’m a landscape designer…

Can it run in Mojave, or is Catalina a requirement? I can’t move to Catalina because of other software I use.

I’m running TM in Mojave with 16gb ram. It’s running OK. The FPS are way way down with the 2020 update to TM. I used to get 60 (in 2019), now I get 15-20 with the same file, feels chunky and slow. The lighting has changed significantly in 2020 as well, I suspect this has something to do with TMs new “autoexposure” function but now lights have almost no effect unless you set the time of day to nighttime. It makes it very difficult to do daytime interiors with lighting. I am also still having trouble updating using the live link extension from within SU, it continues to randomly overwrite TM textures once in a while but by linking by importing from within TM I do not have this problem.

So, yes, with complaints, but yes TM 2020 is running in Mojave.

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TM2020 is crashy as hell and can corrupt project files (and autosaves) as personal experience has borne out. Epic are working on a hotfix currently and hopefully that will make some optimisations.
Its also doing a hell of a lot more work to produce its massively improved visuals, have to be a lot more judicious with scenegraph visibility management (a bit like SU :grinning:) particularly with large vegetation sets, so the GPU requirements are heavier.I run a 1080Ti (11gb) and even on that the VRAM is pretty much full.

All of the direct link plugins are having similar issues with overwriting TM materials (and duplicating geometry in place causing some z-fighting) - I have found that saving materials to the User Library when applied to geometry don’t get overwritten when re-syncing but I haven’t tested that exhaustively.

Just on the lighting, TM sets its ambient light seemingly very high so interiors appear bright even if no direct lighting.
I have found that adjusting the ambient lighting right down to suit allows you to light daytime interiors pretty much as you would have under tm2019. It does mean placing area lights in windows and doors (shadows off) to help simulate more indirect lighting bounces (a little like Vray before adaptive dome lights were introduced).

Also I am running TM2020 under High Sierra

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Goodmorning everyone.
I too with the direct link on sk pro 2020 have the same warning as GregorJan. Can it be solved?
direct link sk pro 2020

Have you installed twinmotion hotfix? (2020.1.1)

Yes. Tk

Sorry guys, anyone still having same issue?
Have Scketcup Pro 2020.2 and Twinmotion direct link installed
All dialogue are bugged… See screenshot
Thank you
all the best