Rendering from SketchUp Free - Twinmotion?

I am exploring the idea of taking my SketchUp model made in the FREE version of Sketchup (Web) and rendering it. I was hoping to use Blender, but since SketchUp free doesn’t allow for collada files to be exported, now I am looking into Twin Motion.

Does anyone have experience with Twin Motion? Can I import in a SketchUp model and work from there? What’s been your experience with the software? Is it friendly?

thank you!

Download your model from sketchup free.

Download Twinmotion Community Edition which is free for non commercial purposes, has some very minor limitations, but allows you to fully use it.

Try it, it’s a great rendering app, that used to be very intuitive, realtime, but also have somewhat low output quality (requiring a lot of work to make things look good).

Now it has excellent output quality if your hardware is able to run Lumen or Pathtracer.

Also, since Epic bought it, it is being upgraded in a very fast pace, using some of the same features you can see in Unreal Engine.