Twinmotion, sketchup and revit


I am about to dip my toe into Twinmotion. Its a programme which has been recommended to me whoch works well for the type of work needed.

Twinmotion asks that I have REVIT installed.

Any idea what this is and which one would work best with sketch up?

thank you.

hello, what do you mean by that ?

Twinmotion does not need revit, but if you have it installed it might recognize it, perhaps to offer you the possibility to install the related plugin.

export plugins for different softwares can be found there :

I don’t use the one for sketchup, I just import directly .skp inside twinmotion.

your profile says you use sketchup 2020, if it’s not up to date (and that you moved to 2021 since then), you’ll need to save your skp files as previous version, as twinmotion won’t be able to import them

@paul.millet , install 2020.2.3 update for direct importing of SketchUp 2021 files

Twinmotion 2020.2.3 [hotfix] is now available

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thanks Mihai ! I’ll edit my post

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Thank you, i was starting an online tutorial from epic games re twin motion and it stated that would need REVIT installed to get the most from Twinmotion…hmmm. maybe an old tutorial?!