Twinmotion with Sketchup

Yes this Metal compatibility - whats that all about?

Apple’s own answer to OpenGL and OpenCL. SketchUp relies on OpenGL.

If you are on a Mac, unfortunately there is a bug in the latest free Twinmotion release that immediately causes a crash when loading any skp.

I look forward to the fix

I’m not thrilled with this installation of Epic Games Launcher that auto runs on login and can’t be stopped from doing that. It’s broken now for me, and uninstalling appears to be problematic.

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This fix, Chris?

Fixed in the Hotfix 01:

You can now import files from SketchUp on Mac OS X.

That does indeed fix things. Previously you could export as FBX as a workaround. I tried a couple of models that cause SketchUp a lot of problems, and it read them fine.

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essentially you need a strong gaming computer

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I like many others will be trying to get the free version of Twinmotion, however, I am getting the error message from unreal, update to latest software, yep am always do that, Graphic card incompatible, yep I running on a Mac, anyone else get this error , and does it mean new graphics card

I’ve been running it on a 2013 MBP. No crashes as I can recall, but if you want to work realtime with quality settings it bogs down too much. In the basic quality modes it works pretty well. Because of this I haven’t explored the higher features to get better renderings out of it. The SketchUp interface is OK, but sometimes some elements don’t come across. My computer has a Nvidia card that may help. The card is not very powerful though.