How to install Twinmotion on a Mac?

Hi All,

Now that Twinmotion is free to download, I’ve tried installing it on my iMac. The only option I can see to download for a Mac is the Archicad version, but I can’t get past the installation type screen.

Do I need Archicad on my Mac to install this? I only what to use it with SketchUp.

It was a few days ago that I installed Twinmotion, and I thought I just did it via Epic Games Launcher. You may be trying to install the special ARCHICAD linked version.

One thing to know, when you do get the right version, it currently crashes when importing SKP on Mac. You can get around that by exporting as FBX from SketchUp, those work fine.

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Thanks Colin. Yep, I just figured out I was trying to install the Archicad plugin. Downloading through the Epic games launcher now.

Also thanks for the heads up about crashing on a Mac.

Hi Colin,
I have MAC, but when i get to running Epic Games it wont recognise and keeps telling me mys system sucks graphic card wise, whats solution?50

You will struggle running twinmotion on that machine, however it should recognise the GPU.

Thanks Colin, I use Artlantis Render/Photo shop, so will stick to the static images, don’t really want to up the old Mac, got quite attached to it Many thanks for quick reply.


Thanks Liam, quite like my old machine so will stick with Artlantis and PS


The next question then is uninstalling Epic Games. I installed it on my current machine running Sierra before I noticed it requires High Sierra or above to run. It keeps launching itself, and I can’t turn it off. I don’t see any uninstaller, and it looks like uninstalling Epic Games is a frequent Google search.