Render software for Mac with M1 micro chip

Hi, I am trying to find a software for photo rendering that works with the M1 micro-ship.

I tried vray, 5d render and Thea.

Thank you

Vray, Apparently Twinmotion still has some issues from time to time, kerkythea, thea render, enscape, most of the major ones are both on PC and mac.

some will have lower results (no ray tracing on twinmotion, no graphics card acceleration on vray) but other than that, most of them are here.

Thank you for responding, I actually tries vray … I couldn’t find the software on my mac after download which was weird, but it seems other people had the same issue with the M1 chip. I will look up the others you mentioned, thank you.

If you already have rendering software installed, and it seems not to be working, you could Get Info on SketchUp, inside the Applications/SketchUp 2022 folder, and choose to Open using Rosetta. That then will not work quite as fast, but at least you’ll be able to render.

It’s not a standalone software. You won’t find it in the “application” folder (I think).

Vray acts as an extension INSIDE sketchup.
Some other (twinmotion or artlantis for example) will install as a separate software.

That might be your issue. After installing, have you checked the extension list in your SU ?

No I did not do that. I will look it up and get back shortly thank you both.

So I downloaded enscape.
How do I acces from there sketchup ?

NVM I found it, thank you very much for your time :slight_smile:

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