Mac M1 & Vray

Good morning!

I’ve been fiddeling around with rendering some stuff as of late and am FINALLY making progress after many years of unsuccessfully trying to get anything decent out of Sketchup-Vray. I have two questions:

  1. Having my beautiful little M1 Max Machine - what’s the best setting to make sure it is firing on all cylinders when rendering? Apple is using quite a bit of magic with these chips so the classical “CPU/GPU” separation is a bit less clear here. What should I use? CPU? CUDA? RTX? (No clue what these mean, but these seem to be the options.

  2. A more general question: the reason I wanted a render plugin in the first place was because I love to design in Sketchup up the very last second and then wanted to have a quick and easy method to render something. The VRAY Material library works quite well to get a decent output but I really don’t understand why the materials look so horribly different in Sketchup. Screenshot as an example. This is supposed to be blue wallpaint. It’s blue in the VRAY material selector. It’s blue in the render. It’s barf-green in Sketchup. Is there a technical reason for that? I mean - it’s really hard to design something and always needing to translate barf-green into blue in you head. How do you guys deal with this? Anything I can do about it?



CUDA and RTX apply only to Nvidia graphics cards, I don’t think they do anything on the Mac.

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If you are on a Mac, you want to use the CPU option : the GPU option only works properly if you are using v-ray nodes to distribute your rendering to other machines on your network.
Just bear in mind that v-ray isn’t running natively on the M1 processor just yet, so Apple’s OS is having do some magic to work at all - this might cause a few hiccups from time to time.

Ah - ok. I kinda get the feeling that I will never utilize my awesome M1 GPU cores… :slight_smile: How do you guys cope with the weird discrepancy between the VRAY Materials render output and the Sketchup representation (the barf-green-is-blue-problem?)

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