Sketchup 2021 + V ray on Macbook pro M1

Hi the community, I’m Nathalie,

I’m thinking about changing my MacBook Pro half 2012 for the new Macbook pro M1 to be able to use Vray on SketchUp 2021 (I’m actually on SketchUp pro 2018). If you have tested this, could you please tell me , how does the new graphic card on M1 perform VS the dedicated graphic card like Nvidia GTX 1070…? (sorry for my english It’s been a long time I didn’t write/speak)…
Thanks by advance…

The M1 has an integrated GPU so it probably won’t be used by Vray. But the CPU is a beast and can hold it’s own against most CPU based rendering. That being said, it won’t compare well to a PC laptop equipped with a dedicated NVIDIA gpu.

I understand that currently V-ray doesn’t work on M1 Macs. Currently GPU rendering is for Nvidia cards only (=Windows only)

Is that true for AMD as well, that if you have a Mac from the last 8 years, or a PC that happens to have an AMD GPU, you only get software rendering?

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Chaos released a new vray for M1 a month ago and apparently it works well.

Yes, it works. One more thing, though, I had to download and install the license server seperately, via the System Preference > Security and Privacy > Launch
This took me to the terminal, where I had to enter my password for the Mac-Account.

Now, it’s running.
@Colin Yes Cuda cores only, so NVIDIA it is.

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I read that was dropped by Nvidia as well.

don’t throw away older GPU’s yet. It should still work. It also works with RTX:

In time, Microsoft will come with a working ARM chip, as well, maybe with some NVIDIA gens

Thank you all!

So what I understood from your contributions, it’s that I can buy the macbook pro M1 and use without big issues Sketchup with V Ray…

I that right?

OK - so I landed on an outdated help page…

There is so little info about this on the internet right now and most is hard to find at that. My best source of info on the subject has been this site actually, along with some YouTube videos I’ve seen. Even chaos doesn’t really mention it as you’ve seen, which is quite odd to me.

What they said on the page I found was that rendering itself works but, for instance, the Asset editor doesn’t. So you cannot really set up renders.

And in the chaos forums they said they’ve addressed that too in the last release.

Hi all
I asked this questions direct to chaos just the other week :

Hi Jo,

We have the first renders done with V-Ray native for M1 chip. Official release is expected in the first half of this year but we still don’t have a release date.
We did some changes to the standard V-Ray and it works with SketchUp 2021 on M1 chip through Rosetta 2 emulation.

Best Regards,
Alexander Milanov
Chaos Technical Support

Hi Alexander

Thanks for getting back to me

So would you say hold off buying the M1 mac until later on when you have it ready for the M1 Mac ?




Hi Jo,

It depends - the current version works too and you can always switch to the native V-Ray later.
If you are not in a rush to get it now you can wait for the native version to come out.

Best Regards,
Alexander Milanov
Chaos Technical Support


In short this is direct from chaos them self

V- ray does now work on an m1 Mac through Rosetta 2 but they do have a native version on the way first half of this year . So happy days :+1: guess it will come out around june when ape do there second event .

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