VRay for iMac

Hello Everyone

I’m considering using the free trial of VRay with SketchUp Pro 2022. I use an iMac desktop, please can anyone tell me if VRay is compatible with iMac. Also does VRay have a good selection of materials, eg for rendering bathroom tiles?

Thank you in advance.

Definitely compatible, with MacOS and since that runs on an iMac (whichever iMac you are using) it is compatible. With an M1 iMac you need the latest version of Sketchup AND the latest version of VRay.

VRay has a lot of materials included and a new cloud library with more stuff to download. Hunting for good assets will still occur occasionally though because there are a million+ possible surfaces you might need. :slight_smile:

Vrays learning curve felt very stiff to me. I kinda didn’t get anything decent out of the program for like years. :slight_smile: But I finally managed and we are happy campers now - though I do not quite understand what I know now that I didn’t know back in the day.

The batch renderer is awesome!

Maybe that helps.

I definitely recommend the SketchUp Campus series on V-Ray:

It’s a good walk through exercise from start to finish. Mastering it is another story, but it’s a great starting place.