Vray on mac

Hi All, I have recently purchased Sketchup pro studio which includes Vray in it. I am unable to use Vray on my Macbook . Please offer your help. While downloading the software it shows me version only for windows and not Mac. Please help
My version is Trimble SketchUp Studio, Channel, annual termed contract

Message deleted due to incorrect information.

Read this, this is good information :

You should request for a refund, as you were told, the studio license is available only for windows by some reason, it’s cheaper anyways if you get sketchup pro and a vray license separately.

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If you visit download.chaos.com and get the v-ray 6 for Mac installer there - you can use your SketchUp Studio license with that.

The studio license is officially only for Windows -because the revit importer and scan essentials , which are core parts of the package are for Windows only.

V-Ray however does work, but is not sold as such.


really ?

From official positions here, and on the vray forum, I cam to understand that they were technically different licenses, asking different servers, and that as such, you couldn’t…

yeah but that’s not a good move. SU + Vray is more expensive than SU studio. even though revit importer and scan essential are PC only, studio would still be a good deal. Vray 6 mac installer should be in the same place as the PC one then, in your personal account…

Absolutely , we have a bunch of end users on Mac.
I use mine on Mac on occasion too.

I think the SketchUp specific installer opens a Trimble specific link at the end of the install to encourage the user to sign in with their Trimble ID.

The Chaos license and the SketchUp studio licenses are different and are licensed/linked in different ways. But a Studio subscription licenses itself with Chaos as a V-Ray for SketchUp entitlement , there is no delineation between Mac/windows

I understand that they have different ways to install but I know more sketchup studio and Mac users that have it installed and it works without any problem.

wokay. good to know. a bit misleading :slight_smile:

Have you tried to contact with your SketchUp loca reseller?

I also didn’t know that, just checked that it’s cheaper to get the studio license than getting skp and Vray licenses separately

Whoa. That is true… I’m on Mac and didn’t bother with Studio, but use v-Ray… so… that is ummm… interesting.

Me too. So, is there any reason for a Mac user to look at Studio as opposed to just getting Pro and V-Ray Ă  la carte?

48€ before taxes.

SUpro + vray is 319 + 418 = 737€ before taxes
Studio is 689 before taxes

Unless you need to work on another soft, or you need a bigger package, it’s cheaper. you could get Fredo6’s bundle of 8 tools and some change for that price

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Depends on the user - the chaos subscription works across multiple 3D modellers and has access to a few other pieces of software that are included .

You can also use Revit importer too if you have Parallels on your mac. I tried and works perfectly

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