Should I still get Studio version if I am on a Mac?

If I understand correctly, Scan Essentials is the only thing that does not work on Mac, so why does SketchUp list Studio as “for Windows” on their pricing page?

Pricing is as follows
Pro $349 vs Studio $749 (includes Vray)
Pro $349 + VRay Solo $516 = $965

So unless I am missing something, isn’t Studio the best way to go even if I am on a Mac (assuming of course that I want VRay)?

Also, which version of VRay comes with Studio? Solo or Premium? If it’s Premium the savings would be even greater than what is calculated above.


scan essential, and revit importer. and before that, sefaira

yep, it’s worth it to get studio if you’re using vray on a mac. especially now that Vray only has solo as a low priced solution
over here, solo is 454€/year (annually billed for a discount), SUpro is 337€, total is 791 while studio is 722

Vray for sketchup.
when you get solo or premium, you get access to Vray for all the software you want.
the Licence you get with Studio is only for sketchup.

So if you plan on using vray with SU and something else, don’t get studio. if you only use SU, then yeah, studio is a good deal.

I asked the same about a year ago, and the official reason was “well because scan essential and revit importer, duh”.
as their package contains a couple of windows only things, they advertise it as windows only.
Also, when you get studio, on Trimble’s website you will only find window’s installer. but if you synchronise your trimble and chaos accounts, you can download the mac installer there.

(I have a studio account, and I installed Vray on my mac last fall.)

Several people also voiced their interest for scan essential and revit importe but not Vray.
At the time, the question was “why not offer a SU+Vray for mac and pc and a standalone package for scan essential and revit importer?” because 400€just so you can open a revit file is a highg price.

Similarly, one could ask if Vray, complex as it is, is the best companion to sketchup. Many would argue that Enscape (especially now it’s pc/mac) would be a better choice for studio.

Thank you very much for your helpful reply! You saved me a lot of time telling me where to find the Vray for the Mac.

For the record, Sefaira works fine on Mac - both the SketchUp extension and the web application.

And I know you know, but for other readers here, Sefaira is not part of the Sketchup Studio subscription - it is it’s own sub.

Of course, the Revit Sefaira plugin is Windows only, but that’s because Revit is Windows only!


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