Does Studio/Scan Essentials package NOT work on MacOS?

Does the Annual Studio 2 package only work for Windows, and not MacOS?

My subscription lapsed because I had an emergency, my credit card details needed updating, and I was not able to attend to the matter.

The plan I used to have included both MacOS and Window functionality, with typical difference of Trimble Scan Essentials only working for Windows side.

Other way of asking, Do I have to buy both Studio Pro, and Pro Annual 2, in order to be able to use Sketchup on both MacOs and Windows?

Revit Importer also only works on Windows.

you can use your subscription on 2 machines at the same time, PC, mac, no matter.

however yes, the revit importer and scan essential only work on PC.
as of Vray, it works on both. on a mac, you’ll have to go grab the installer on Vray’s website.